How Cigars and BraeVal Are Alike

3rd Feb 2023

How Cigars and BraeVal Are Alike

Like BraeVal apparel, the woody savory aromas of cigars evoke a lifestyle that is robust, authentic, and refined. Cigars are just one of the ways some of us like to unwind, after a night on the town or a day in the field. During the  two-hours it takes to smoke a cigar, you can unwind and kick back. It is the perfect time to contemplate whatever comes to mind -- or nothing at all! 

All Natural 

Cigars and BraeVal are both made from natural products. Our shirts, for example, are made from a technologically advanced, proprietary all natural Tiera fabric that is ring spun of Merino wool and long staple cotton that is naturally regulating and is known for its softness and high absorption rate. The fabric that our shirts are made from is 100 percent natural and even biodegradable.

Cigars are made of one thing, and one thing only, pure, unadulterated tobacco that is not artificially altered to change their taste. Everything from their flavor, whether it is spicy or sweet, to their color is achieved naturally, which is part of their allure.


Another similarity between BraeVal and cigars is that both are artisanal products. Our colors and patterns, designed by Founder, Gregor McCluskey, are inspired by classic checks and plaids of the Scottish Highlands. Artisanal elements include a combination of features found nowhere else like a hidden vented bi-swing back, roll-up sleeve stays, a below the waist zippered security pocket, triple stitching, and double layered pockets. Depending on the style of the shirt, patches on the elbows, or waxy cotton shoulder patches are also included as a feature. The end result is a uniquely comfortable shirt that is as rugged as it is sophisticated. 

Like our shirts, on the craft side, hand rolling a cigar is an art form that takes many years to master. Blending tobacco is an artisanal art as well. Tobacco is a natural product that is subject to the whims of nature that creates crop variations. Like wine, some years are better than others, and only a master cigar maker understands this and blends the tobacco accordingly. The beauty of this time-honored process is that no two cigars taste quite the same. We believe that at the end of the day, the taste and experience of the finest cigar is subjective and is the natural combination of the skill of the tobacco blender, the expertise of the cigar roller, and the soil where the tobacco has grown.

Made With Pride

At BraeVal we pride ourselves in creating the finest apparel that is comfortable and distinctive. The process of drawing patterns, choosing color combinations, integrating functionality into the design, to overseeing the spinning of fabric, and the hands-on production is all part of the fun and fulfillment of creating something to be treasured for years to come. 

Cigars also go through a long process before they make it into your humidor. After the tobacco leaf is picked, it must be cured, fermented, then laid out to dry. The outer leaves that are used to wrap the tobacco have to be destemmed and deveined. Then there is the rolling process, where aged tobacco is doled out to be rolled by hand. Finally, finished cigars are sorted for color consistency and sent to the aging room before they are boxed out and shipped. Like BraeVal, cigar production requires the hands on work and discerning eye of experts at every stage of the process.

If you love fine craftsmanship, whether it is a fine cigar, a glass of whisky, or a comfortable shirt, the joy of creation always results in something admirable, and enjoyable - and that is what the BraeValian Lifestyle is all about.